THE LIGHTER SIDE OF LAW – LEGAL FOX TV™ – Miami Lawyer Shannon Harvey steams it up.

“Legal Fox TV™ — an award winning America web series starring Shannon Harvey (“Legal Fox”) is a light-hearted, fun and flirtatious look at law. Shannon Harvey delivers legal information and in-the-know news about legal cases that help illuminate the muddy, murky world of legalities that flood our news and entertainment.”

“What sets Legal Fox™ apart is that it is more than just a pretty face spouting legal facts. Shannon Harvey is an actual lawyer. Her information is vetted, objective, and frankly – useful. In a world where we must decipher exactly what is happening in our media and news outlets, getting clear quick legal background is not just helpful, it’s necessary.”

Shannon Harvey is clearly a beautiful media personality, but she’s got the brains to back it up. She’s smart, savvy and delivers short easy-to-understand takes on complex legal issues that we see our every day life. Full of useful tips about how to protect ourselves and our privacy, Harvey’s work and messages are important.”

“While still being packaged in a fun and entertaining way with clever costumes and lighthearted, often comical, visuals, underneath the packaging is a message about being legally informed in your life. Check out Shannon Harvey! She’s a Legal Fox you don’t wanna miss!”

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